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eFC Buducnost Kodio

Club Info

In the short time since the founding, eFC Buducnost Kodio has become one of the best clubs in Europe, in 11vs11 mode. Composed of exceptional individuals on the field, and great enthusiasts off the field, our team is becoming one of the most recognizable brands in PES communities across the Europe.
Our main goal is to create a team for the greatest achievements and at the same time to raise our club in the field of marketing to a higher level than the competition.
P.S. We’re pretty sure we’re already doing well 🙂

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As a player with a lot of experience in this mode, I am aware of how important it is that all players have the same goal and the same amount of enthusiasm. That's why everyone in the club tries to keep the atmosphere at a high level. We are one big family gathered with one goal - to be the best team in Europe

Vuceta Scepanovic


We are trying to raise the club to the highest possible level, both in terms of results and marketing. We have already shown that we are on the right track and we will do our best to continue working hard and dedicatedly. This is the only way we can reach the very top of the European PES.

Bojan Tatar


I believe that marketing is the main item in the development of any club, so I try to implement all the knowledge in the field of marketing, acquired during my life, in the Buducnost and thus show the size of this amazing project. I have no doubt that we will create a club where the best European PES players can hardly wait to come.

Boris Bajovic
Marketing Director

Additional Info

  • Name : eFC Buducnost Kodio
  • Stadium : “Pod Goricom” ; Capacity : 12 500
  • Founded : November 2020
  • Board Members : Bojan Tatar, Vuceta Scepanovic and Boris Bajovic
  • Colors : Blue and White
  • Supporters : Barbarians
  • Achievements :
      •               Season 2 :
      • HFP Champions League – 3rd place
      •               Season 3 :
      • HFP Pre-Season Cup I – Winners
      • HFP Pre-Season Cup II – Runners-Up
      • HFP European Division – League Winners
      • HFP European Division – Playoff 3rd place                             
      • HFP Legendary Cup – 3rd place
      •               Season 4 :
      • HFP Champions League – Winners
      • HFP European Division – League Winners
      • HFP European Division – Playoff Winners 
      • HFP Legendary Cup – Runners-Up


  • Tel : +382 68 261 211
  • Mail : info@buducnost.team
  • Website : https://buducnost.team/
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